Wednesday, 23 March 2011

That's it folks - we're back home

Everything on the mooring is as we left it, although we have got new neighbours in Dave's old mooring on the end - not the best spot to be as anyone with an online mooring will tell you.  We're glad to be in the middle, people have usually slowed down by the time they get to us, and hit us with glancing parallel scrapes, rather than full on.

Dave & Hazel.  Dave's sorting out the HUGE tv aerial he's mounted on the bank, in the vain hope of getting all the digi channels.  They have cleared a couple of trees over the winter so reception may have improved a little.  It's OK now, just gets worse as the summer goes on, with more leaves on the trees.  We had time to collect some more wood through Chirk, which Dave managed to do without falling in, or even getting just a little bit wet.

Oh joy - the day boat (1 of 4) - I've missed you like a hole in the head!

Well, that's it folks.  We're back in our mooring in Froncysyllte until the end of September.  As it's such a poor reception area for mobiles, I've got no chance of loading any photos onto the blogspot, indeed I'd be lucky if I actually opened the blogspot at all (I'm doing this one from my mother's house and broadband - eee technology).  So it's au revoir.  Have a lovely summer cruising.  Thank you for reading what was hopefully an amusing diary of our winter adventures & we'll be back doing the same thing come autumn.  Dave & Sue

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