Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Boat Museum

As stated yesterday, we had a few hours looking around the Ellesmere Port Boat Museum.  It's was fascinating - an absolute delight to anyone interested in canals and boats, crammed full of all things boaty, from an historic boat collection, archives, and wonderfully restored vintage engines.  Click on the link above to have a look.  I don't want to write too much about it as the website of the museum is far more informative than I can be.
These locks mark the end of the Shropshire Union Canal and carry you down onto the Manchester Ship Canal.  Click HERE to see why we have no intention of going any further & turned around at Ellesmere Port!
Sorry about the bright yellow saab - kind of distracts you from the view of the boats
This is a pic of Porters Row: Traditional cottages "lovingly recreated picture of domestic life throughout the ages.  The cottages recreate homes from the 1840s, 1900s, 1930s and 1950s - each with the decor and feature of its time".  Complete with outside loo.  Excuse me sir!
An old boiler (no jokes please)
Dave especially wanted to see this Armstrong Siddeley twin - he has an AS1 single cylinder in his boat Sans Souci

We had a lovely day in the countryside.  As you can see, the towpath is excellent all the way from Chester to Ellesmere Port, unfortunately it's part of a cycle route so you really have to be on your guard - they don't slow down & sneak up on you from behind.  However, it's nice to see people taking advantage of our canals,  walking with families & making use of a free afternoon out.  So if it takes a cycle track to improve the towpaths - so be it.  We'll have to move tomorrow as we're now riding on fumes.  Just hope we've got enough diesel to get us to Chas Harden's.

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