Friday, 13 July 2012

Pontcysyllte Illuminated

The rain thankfully held off (well almost) for the spectacular illuminations of the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct last night (Thursday).  It truly was a unique fantastic event - and free!

This pic was taken at about 6.30pm from the top of the Aqueduct, as people started to arrive.
Spotlights in position underneath

A great mural of the aqueduct was hung on the sports hut
Glandwr Cymru / Canal & River Trust was projected onto the aqueduct

Unfortunately we missed the Fron Choir performing, this is The Paul Sturman Band, who were fantastic.  I was in school with Paul Sturman  - I wouldn't have recognised him as it's over 30 years since I've seen him, I had a bit of a clue as to who he was, in the title of the band.  He's now grey and a bit more portly - unlike my svelte self with auburn locks!  (Yeh - I'm pushing it a bit)

Anyway, the lightshow was just brilliant, with a few hundred people attending.  There would have been a few more I'm sure, if it had been advertised more than a week before the event!


Once it had got (much) darker, there was a laser show.  Unfortunately not particulary great to photograph.

Looks like UFO's !

The event took place in the field below the Aqueduct, courtesy of Acrefair Youth Football Club, who have many football teams and matches every week in the field.  The whole field had been mown the week before, and ONE man and a rake, raked up every blade of grass ready for the event (I saw him doing it) so well done him.  Unfortunately, not everybody shared the community spirit due to the amount of rubbish strewn all over the field - cans, burger wrappers, their own picnic rubbish.  Some poor sole will have to pick everything up before the kids practice sessions this Saturday.  Grrrrr!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Free concert below Pontcysyllte Thurs 12th

There's a free concert with a light show spectacular happening in the field below the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct on Thursday 12th July from 7pm to celebrate the launch of Glandwr Cymru (Welsh version of Canal & River Trust)  This is nothing to do with Glyndwr Day - as I've heard it described (which is 16th September in case you're wondering).  Anyway, click on the link for more information.  CLICK HERE
We crossed the "Aki" this morning on our way back to our mooring in The Fron, and they had already sited the spotlights in the field below and were testing them out ......

Yes - I did have to hang on whilst taking these photos!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Llangollen Canal - Fallen tree removed & all open again

BW & the tree fellers (though there was only two of them) have been working hard sawing up the branches of the fallen tree, and the canal has re-opened. Boats leaving Llangollen were the first to come down stream, before the queue of boats waiting to go into Llangollen were given the instruction to start moving up.

   And they're OFF!  Six boats came down from Llangollen, but the trip boat (Thomas Telford) was not amongst them, he was obviously a bit slow off the mark, and now has to wait for the 15 boats to snake their way up the narrows.  All is open - and all is well - but the chunks of oak are just too big to handle, so we'll have to pass this tree up.

Fallen tree closes top end of Llangollen Canal

A large tree has fallen accross the canal near Llangollen, just at the end of "the narrows", as the linear moorings start and the canal is blocked.  We had already left Llangollen and moored below the narrows, near the Llangollen lift bridge, after having been moored in the basin for 2 nights whilst attending the Eisteddfod.  I think we will be hanging about for a bit as this is an oak tree of substantial size and may even reverse up as it would be a crime to leave all that wood lying around.  It happened at about 5pm yesterday afternoon, during (another) torrential downpour.  A black prince hire boat had a lucky escape, as the tree must have come down literally minutes after the boat had passed through this section. 

 BW arrived after about an hour, but couldn't do anything, due to the size of the tree.

Boats are stacking up this morning on both sides of the stoppage - we've got wonderful views though!

Dave has taken a walk back up to the fallen tree, and as I write this at 10.30am, 2 BW and 2 blokes from Fountains have arrived with chain saws and have started cutting up the tree.  There was a delay to the start of this procedure, as no one could find a "Men at Work" sign to display - that came from a BW bloke - glad to see they haven't lost their sence of humour.  There is a large section of the tree under the water, so it may need a BW work boat up here to get that bit out.  Will up date when the canal is cleared......


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod Opening Parade

Yesterday saw the opening parade for the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod.  As in previous years, thousands of people lined the streets to watch the 300+ participants pass by, from 17 different countries, all singing and dancing.  It really is quite a spectacle.  Despite being a dry day, typically it started to drizzle just as the parade started off at 4.30.  The event lasts until Sunday, with all sorts of concerts, competitions and events.  There's even a "Folk Friday" with lots going on in the Eisteddfod field, plus a concert in the Steam Railway Station on Friday night, hosted by Frank Hennessey (tickets £10 - bargain).
I could'nt really get a good view with the number of spectators - now with their brollies up, so I nipped round a couple of back streets & managed to get some great pics, which I hope will give you a flavour of the spirit of the Eisteddfod....

 Sir Terry Waite, Eisteddfod President led the parade.  Unfortunately, his car broke down on the way round, hence the "minders" following it - ready to start pushing, should it happen again

Lots of Welsh and Irish....

Our pal Kieth, directing the procession, whilst handing out leaflets as he goes.  Spot the Cornish Flag held by the man behind him.

Above, my friend Annette's daughter, Larissa, holding the banner for the Eisteddfod

More Welsh...

A few English......

More Welsh....

School choir from Llanelli - with a splendid rendition of Sospan Fach!

Now for the serious costumes ......

beautiful dresses in vibrant colours

The hop, skip and a jump dance.

More fantastic costumes.....

Though why Fireman Sam should be bringing up the rear is beyond me.