Monday, 9 July 2012

Fallen tree closes top end of Llangollen Canal

A large tree has fallen accross the canal near Llangollen, just at the end of "the narrows", as the linear moorings start and the canal is blocked.  We had already left Llangollen and moored below the narrows, near the Llangollen lift bridge, after having been moored in the basin for 2 nights whilst attending the Eisteddfod.  I think we will be hanging about for a bit as this is an oak tree of substantial size and may even reverse up as it would be a crime to leave all that wood lying around.  It happened at about 5pm yesterday afternoon, during (another) torrential downpour.  A black prince hire boat had a lucky escape, as the tree must have come down literally minutes after the boat had passed through this section. 

 BW arrived after about an hour, but couldn't do anything, due to the size of the tree.

Boats are stacking up this morning on both sides of the stoppage - we've got wonderful views though!

Dave has taken a walk back up to the fallen tree, and as I write this at 10.30am, 2 BW and 2 blokes from Fountains have arrived with chain saws and have started cutting up the tree.  There was a delay to the start of this procedure, as no one could find a "Men at Work" sign to display - that came from a BW bloke - glad to see they haven't lost their sence of humour.  There is a large section of the tree under the water, so it may need a BW work boat up here to get that bit out.  Will up date when the canal is cleared......


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