Monday, 9 July 2012

Llangollen Canal - Fallen tree removed & all open again

BW & the tree fellers (though there was only two of them) have been working hard sawing up the branches of the fallen tree, and the canal has re-opened. Boats leaving Llangollen were the first to come down stream, before the queue of boats waiting to go into Llangollen were given the instruction to start moving up.

   And they're OFF!  Six boats came down from Llangollen, but the trip boat (Thomas Telford) was not amongst them, he was obviously a bit slow off the mark, and now has to wait for the 15 boats to snake their way up the narrows.  All is open - and all is well - but the chunks of oak are just too big to handle, so we'll have to pass this tree up.


Unknown said...

I bet you enjoyed the peace and quiet whilst it lasted

Metalite Marine said...

That is a lot of work. Good job that you were able to remove or get it out of the way.