Thursday, 20 March 2014

Chester Locks

I didn't realise how behind I was with the blog!  I'd got so used to not having a signal whilst coming up the Shroppie.  Once in Chester we got wrapped up in visiting family, my job application for the summer (yes I had to wait for the CRT advert to appear on the web site, then apply for the job in the Information Centre, the same as anyone else).  Before you know it 3 weeks have passed, and we're currently back on the Llangollen Canal (just).

The locks to go down into Chester basin are a staircase of 3 - and all pretty deep.  We had a swop around, and Dave did the locks whilst I stayed on the boat.  I'd rather Dave control the paddles, and which chamber has to be full or empty - in case I get it wrong.  Pretty scary though - looking up at the lock gates holding back thousands of gallons of water!

The towpath along the walls is closed for repair, which makes it very awkward to get off the boat to get to the lock.


Great views though!

Approaching the Mill

Locks up ahead, although this part of the towpath was closed to pedestrians...

... as they repaired a section of wall which had fallen down.

View from the top of the walls

Great sightseeing bus
lots of real ale pubs

and a proper job pasty shop!  It'll be hard to drag Dave away.

Chester Cathedral

The new apartment blocks were still under construction the last time we visited, now most are occupied.  Apparently, there will be a new CRT service block sited on the right, by the new apartments.

We took the last available mooring in Chester Basin, the boat who came down behind us just moored on the water point - and left it for the weekend!  The boats have been here for a while, judging by the boater's rubbish in the litter bins.  When we were preparing to leave, we saw the CRT boat checker man doing his rounds.  He told me that there were a few boats there with winter moorings - on the few available moorings in the basin. Why?  There's not that many moorings available anyway - even less with two 70ft CRT boats moored and a large gap left "for maintenance craft only".

We had a lovely few days wondering round the city, we met up with Bethan for a meal, then Mum and Tony came for a visit.  The weather was lovely, and really warm.  Dave did his best to visit the real ale pubs, but didn't manage to get round them all! 

Angry Swan in Chester

This swan in Chester Basin really didn't like bikes.......

Here he is guarding the towpath....

... and he's off, he's spotted some bikes in the distance

escorts them over the bridge, until the pass moored boats and he looses sight of them.

He's spotted them again, and off he goes.....

full attack thrust...

gerroff my land, and don't come back!

No, you can't come in.

At this point, the Dad and his kids threw their bikes and did a runner!

It was left to Dave to distract the swan whilst the family ran back & picked up their bikes.

Don't mess with me!

He's off again

and relax!

He'd behind you!

Got him!

Magnificent beastie!