Thursday, 25 August 2011


Our pal Nigel has been out and about showing off his new paint job......
Courtesy of the artist  Phlegm (awful name)

Another day, another day boat.  My heart sank last week, when day boat number 5 was delivered to Anglo Welsh at Trevor Basin.  I had hoped that it would replace one of the other 4, but sadly no - all 5 were out on Saturday.

Thank you for slowing down! 

We've been out and about ourselves most weekends during this summer, either up to Llangollen or downhill to Ellesmere or down the Monty.  Rachel & co came to stay with Mum a couple of weeks ago, so of course we had to do a boat trip.  On another occasion, we had a wonderful afternoon in Llangollen watching Thomas the Tank and friends - including the Fat Controller.  Fantastic! (Yes - we were watching from the balcony of the Corn Mill!)

I haven't blogged due to the fact that (1) my phone did not like being connected to the computer, so couldn't download any pics, and (2) the camera packed up - and remains dead.  Last couple of pics for today ... Nemo cat celebrated his 1st birthday, which is a remarkable achievement due to the amount of times he's fallen in the canal.  He is - i'm very pleased to say, a little more sturdy on his feet now.

Nemo's at the top of the steps, with his next door neighbour Gypsy below him.