Monday, 27 September 2010

And we're off !!!

Where did that year go then?  It's that time of year again - and we're off.  on way to the Stourbridge Rally mid Oct.  Ellesmere tonight - hence the mobile signal.  As the leaves grow on the trees & thicken out throughout the summer in our moorings in Froncysyllte, we end up with no mobile signal for computer & have to stand outside to use mobile phones, so not much point in firing up the computer.  I'll have to re-learn how to use this blogspot, no photos yet, as camera and computer won't talk to each other - something else to test the little grey cells.  Bad News:  Captain Cat unfortunately isn't with us, after having being killed on the road last month.  Wierd - you travel all around the country for years with her on a boat & she's run over 30yards from home.  Good News:  Nemo kitten is the new arrival (photos to follow when I can figure out what's going wrong),  Should have called her Loopy Lou.  I've forgotten how manic a kitten can be.  I have to explain to people that I'm not self-harming my arms - I just have a kitten.  Looking forward to catching up on everyone's blogspots.  WE'RE BACK!