Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Out of Chester

We were up early (for us) to get up the Northgate staircase locks, and get some shopping done on the way out of Chester.  Unfortunately we didn't get very far - someone's trousers wrapped themselves around the prop so we ground to a halt.  This spot is just unlucky for Dave - it's exactly the same spot that Dave's Dad fell in the canal after he missed his footing whilst getting back on the boat after coming down the locks on a holiday on Dave's boat (Sans Souci) back in 1994.  Dave managed to remove the offending pants without too much trouble & we were on our way.  The boats moored in the basin have taken root - one's been there 3 weeks now & the other two, 2 weeks each (according to the boat yard) - so much for 48 hour mooring!

There's alot of water behind those gates!

Is that the train to Chirk going past?

Ah, The Old Harkers Arms.  After much (ehem) research over the last few days, we conclude that the pub we favoured most in Chester, is this one, so we had to re-visit to make sure.  Although we didnt eat here, the menu looked good, (but not alot of vegetarian choice).  Dogs were allowed in, and of course the beer was excellent, oh, and there are moorings right outside, now what more can you ask for?

On the way out of Chester, we moored outside the Frog & Nightingale (silly name, so didn't investigate), which is close to Tesco & stocked up with the necessary as we didn't have far to carry it - especially as trolly dolly is no more after the wheels fell off.  After a quick visit to Aberkhan for some more hessian (Chester prices), and a dash to the wonderful cheese shop on Northgate Street, we were off. 
Although there are a few new marinas in this area, it doesn't seem to have diminished the long line of moorings between Chester & Beeston, they go on and on for miles.  Never mind, we didn't have a deadline & moored up a couple of miles the Chester side of Beeston, in the middle of nowhere - all quiet after the sirens of the city.  Nemo cat is impressed with our mooring tonight, Chester was a bit to lively for him!

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