Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Glory Glory Boats on the Move

What a glorious spring day!

Out of the dark of the winter in The Midlands !
     North of The Harecastle Tunnel and sunshine, we are on our way. It's a pity that it's back to work because on days like today there is only one place to be,(CRUISING) aaah well.

  We had some really good days in Stone, meeting old and not so old friends, and some really old ones!
But time came to move on, thanks all.

See what we left Stone for, the nearby benches had all the bottles bagged, well done the all day drinkers! Canals are still good rubbish dumps for the locals, WHY?

Heartbreak Hill was joy easy locks with well maitained towpaths, until we approached Middlewich, where it appeared that the lock gear was last greased or oiled in 2010. Really good descent though. Thanks to Mike and his wife, from Lucky mucklebucket for raising some paddles for us, Cheers, we owe you one.

Having a couple of days above Winsford TopFlash whilst I cut some logs and Sue gets ready to visit Mum, with her latest Rag Rug

This is the impressive tightly pulled back view

This is the finished aricle. have a great visit Sue , hope your mum likes it!  This is my first attempt at blogging (getting some practice in for when Sue is away), so far so good ....  DAVE

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