Thursday, 17 March 2011


We moored above Tilstone Lock again, so we could have a walk to the Dysert Arms, opposite the church at Bunbury (huge church for a small village).  Lovely pub, good beer and friendly locals.  Each Brunning & Price pub is very different inside - until you go to the loo!  Exactly the same green tiles on the walls, and loo doors with a latch, as in all the other B & P pubs we've visited.

Deer on the grounds of Beeston Castle - apparently there's been a herd here since the 13th century.  It was market day (wednesday) as we passed through, but didn't visit - we spent enough money on diesel at Chas Hardens! 

Beeston castle WW2 fuel bunkers, containing 6 underground fuel tanks, with ventilation shafts.  This isn't the greatest picture in the world, for better pics, click HERE

That's one big motorbike to cart on and off your bow!
That short blog took an amazing 5 hours to complete with such a duff signal.  I didnt have the heart to do today's.

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