Monday, 7 March 2011

Time for one last jaunt - to Chester

Change of plan - we've decided to turn right at Barbridge instead of left, and we're going to have one last jolly before having to return to the Llangollen for the start of the season.  We're heading for Chester as we've got two and a bit weeks left.  I've been visiting mum for a few days and returned to Dave and the boat in Barbridge via train and bus.  So following a delivery from Mr. Tesco to the boat this morning we up sticks and took advantage of a wonderful day. We've found a beautiful spot just above Tilstone lock & luckily it has about 5ft of piling where we can attach one piling hook as someone nicked our mooring spikes from the front deck a couple of months ago, leaving us with just the one emergency pin.  Didn't see the point of buying a new one at the beginning of the boating season, as we tend to find loads throughout the summer.  Unfortunately we're not going to get to Chester in time for the annual cheese rolling festival which is tomorrow, but we'd rather be in this glorious landscape for a few days.

Today's lovely mooring with my resident wood cutter

Steam narrowboat moored below Tilstone Lock

Bunbury staircase locks
with old stable block

Had a nice few days with mum, following her adventures in India.  Lots of stories to tell, mostly regarding the poverty encountered there.  She's very glad to be back home safely, no illness, just a hundred or so mosquito bites.  Mum had volunteered to cook 30lbs of bacon for the Cancer Reseach Charity all day breakfast on Saturday - and guess who ended up having to cook it - muggins here!  However, it raised about £1000 so thats a terrific achievement, all in a good cause.

Not good news on the job front for me, due to major cut backs by BW, there may or may not be a job for me at the Info Centre at Trevor Basin this season, I'll have to wait another couple of weeks to find out, so fingers crossed as I loved it.

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