Wednesday, 23 March 2011


We took our time coming up the Llangollen, mainly due to seeing so many people along the way!  Met up with Dot & Kevin, who kindly took us to their local by car for a pint.  Their "local" now being about 5-6 miles away, due to the Waggoners Inn burning down a couple of years ago.  We passed it on the way - it hasn't even got a roof on the building, so no sign of it reopening any time soon - despite signs still visible on the canal!  Managed to have a night in Blakemere on the way, it is a beautiful place - but still no kingfishers. As we hadn't seen any on the way, we felt sure they'd be here in one of their old haunts, but sadly no signs. 

What about this for some nifty paintwork .....

What's this boat called then ?  
Very unusual - The Maid of Fibre is a "knitting sanctuary", where you are invited to come and view their yarns, and also an opportunity to stay on board this knitting hotel for upto 7 days. 

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