Friday, 1 April 2011

More BW Cuts - No job for me this season

British Waterways have decided NOT to open the Trevor Basin Visitor Information Centre this season. They hope that the centre may be manned by volunteers in the future, but there will NOT be any BW staff there this season. I do think this is a backwards step by BW - and not just because I loved the job! After 10 years of hard work by various bodies (including BW), 11 miles of canal, was awarded World Heritage Status in June 2009, it's centre piece being the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. The whole area has attracted more and more visitors year on year. I think it is disgraceful that just when the Info Centre was becoming established, as was a rapport with visitors and locals, BW pulls the plug. Being realistic, it was never going to survive the cut backs as the whole area does not generate any income for BW. The fact it's BW's ONLY World Heritage Site, and attracts over half a million visitors a year seems to have passed "the powers that be" by. It's such a backwards step. Surely when BW are trying to increase visitor numbers to the canals, someone in a BW uniform, welcoming the masses to this fantastic location is a great asset. It's so disappointing that BW management don't see the potential. Bitter - Me? - You bet I am!


Sue Hunter said...

Yep, and the rubbish clearing, crowd control whilst boats wait for the aqueduct, and the daily problem of people leaving the lift bridge up!

Unknown said...

Sue, very sad to hear this news. No solace but we are heading your way to take your mind off it - perhaps that makes it worse, but we thought we might come and buy you a pint or two before a trip up the Monty

yeractual said...

Typical institutional, short-sightedness! Crazy cut!