Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Moorers Outing to Llangollen

We decided to join in the bank holiday weekend chaos fun, and have a moorers outing and go for a pint in the Corn Mill.  I took Beefur up to Llangollen on Saturday morning, while Dave was working - which is the best time of the week to travel there as there's not many boats about, and he joined me when he finished work at 6pm (he was busy sending Chirk hire boats this way). Tip: avoid Tues & Wed.  Rick & Hazel on NB Tipsy Toad and Dai with the huge ex FMC workingboat Fern, arrived on Sunday.  The weather kept fine enough for us to sit outside on the decking of the Corn Mill, watching the dippers on the river, and steam trains puffing in and out of the station. 
L-R:  Rick, Hazel, Dai, Sue & Dave

Beefur, Fern and Tipsy Toad in Llangollen moorings, with Black Prince boat Eva with a lovely couple from Australia on it who joined in with the boaty banter and a glass of wine (or two). 

As usual, we waited for the trip boat Thomas Telford to depart from Llangollen, and tucked in behind him - he then carved a path through, but was soon out of sight!  Another tip - let him go first!  Trevor Basin was entertaining on a Bank Holiday Monday & with us three boats turning up at the same time added to the free spectacle for the gongoozlers.  We luckily found space to moor for a pie and a pint in The Telford before returning to our moorings.  Great weekend.   
Good news - we now have a village pub again.  The Aqueduct Inn has reopened for business, positive feedback so far, but we need a couple of days to dry out before giving it a go.

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