Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Middlewich - ish

Another early start today, and was a shame to leave such a lovely mooring on the outskirts of Wheelock.  Unfortunately I have an appointment in Chirk on Friday, so we thought it better that I get a bus to Chester from Barbridge, then train to Chirk, that's Plan "A", but things may evolve as we go along.....

Another wonderful mooring this afternoon, looking down on Winsford top flash. We've been trying to find out if The Badger at Church Minshall has re-opened after being closed for a refurbishment.  Last update we can find is from August 2010.  Does anyone know if its open yet?

Note for Graham:  Dave had withdrawal symptoms after passing the Romping Donkey during opening hours, so he had to visit the Cheshire Cheese in Wheelock where his nerves were steadied.  Crisis averted.

We passed through some lovely countryside today, and - shock horror - 5 moving boats 5!!! that's more than we've seen in the last 3 weeks. 
Beautiful countryside until you get to Middlewich that is, then industry takes over, like the salt works..

Sharp left turn at Middlewich onto the shortest canal in the country, the Wardle Canal, all 154ft (47m) of it.  It was built in 1829 so that the navigation authority of the Trent and Mersey Canal could maintain control over the junction linking it to the Middlewich branch of the Shropshire Union Canal.

There's a lovely old lock cottage at Wardle Lock, but unfortunately a housing estate has been built all around it, so it can now never have vehiclular access to the property.  Lovely lady lives there who always comes out to say hello when we go through, not today though, hope she's still there.


Alf said...

The Badger at Church Minshall is not yet open but has had a lot of work done on it over the last few months.
Maureen Shaw has finally had to move out of the Lock cottage due to failing health & recently a broken hip ! She is currently in Hospital, but will be moving into Willomere, a local care home when she is better.

Sue Hunter said...

Thanks for that Alf, looking forward to revisiting the Badger at some point! Sorry to hear about Mrs Shaw, hope she gets better soon.

nb AmyJo said...

Hi Sue,
Hope you do not mind a stranger's comment on your blog. We live in Chester and have hired boats several times. We must have passed through Wardle locks several times now and Maureen always remembered us even though we are not regulars.

It is so sad to hear she is not well, we spent many a happy hour chatting to her as we passed through the lock. We do hope she recovers soon and Wardle lock will never be quite the same without her. She will be missed by many.

If you make it up to Chester may we pop along and say hello as we often follow boaters blogs? We may be gongoozlers at present but have ordered our own boat so will join you on the cut some time.

Steve and Chris