Tuesday, 22 February 2011

One end of Stone to the other

We decided to move up a bit yesterday, from the bottom of Stone up to Whitebridge, stopping at the boat yard on the way to do the necessary.  We got 3 bags of coal, which we hope will burn better than the last lot we got from Great Haywood, and filled up with diesel which will be for the last time before we get back home to our mooring next month.  This year, like last year, six weeks of our cruising time was taken up stuck in the ice and by the time we were extracated from it, we had to turn for home due to stoppages to allow us to get back to start work again in March.  So we're pointing northwards & feeling dispondant at having to head for home without doing as much cruising this winter as we would have liked - but hey - that's winter cruising for you!  We picked up our laundry on the way through, from the dry cleaning type place opposite the Swan - £15.00 for two small bags of laundry!  Bit more expensive than the £3.00 per bag at Fradley Junction .....  I think i'll take up a new career !!!

Dave found a good branch on the ground down at Westbridge Park, which will come in handy.
Pic of the fancy apartments opposite Stone Boat Building

Above: little tunnel under the road for the boat horses at lock 29,

Not so fancy apartments built on the site of an old haunt of ours, The Rising Sun (demolished in the process)

We've got a great 3G signal here, and Dave's been having fun finding web sites about real ale.  This one is a gem:  http://www.yourround.co.uk/ .  You put in the name of the town and it will list the pubs with real ale (pubs which have subscribed to the site).  You can then click on "Beer Cam" & up pops pics of the hand pulls, with a full description of the beer in question.  The Swan Inn Stone (for example) Great fun!

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Jeanius said...

Lovely time on Tuesday night (22nd Feb) catching up with you both, where we tried several different Titanic Beers without getting too maudlin. Just read about your kitten (cat) serves you right. Will come and see you when you are "home" again. XX Jean and Lawson