Saturday, 5 February 2011

Peace at Sandon

We've been bobbing around like a cork with this wind for the last few days.  We left Tixall with it blowing a hooley, but managed to make the turn onto the T & M without much problem (we've been caught out there before now so were prepared).  We bunkered at Anglo Welsh and after a quick visit to the Spar we were on our way, keeping an eye out for fallen timber! 
Above pic of waves at tixall wide.

We are now moored between Sandon and Burston at one of our favourite spots by the mile post.  We can't hear the railway or the road, just peace and quiet now the wind has dropped.  As we passed through Weston, we spotted a single barnacle goose and the more common white fronted goose amongst a flock of canadas.  We also noticed that Weston Wharf is now totally surrounded by new builds, feeling sorry for Malcolm (Braine) although he would just smile and shrug his shoulders.

After mooring up last night, dave sprinted off to the Dog & Doublet at Sandon for a quick pint before the rugby, but after his mile walk he was shocked to find the pub boarded up behind construction fence barriers.  However, we are pleased to report it is temporarily closed for refurbishment and has not closed down.  Dave's hoping that they concentrate on the pub side of it, as opposed to the foody side too much.  Ah well, he's got a 4 mile hike in the other direction to the Swan in Stone.  There seems to be alot of work taking place at the Sandon lock cottage, with what looks like a car park with its own bridge to the house being built over the bywash.  No doubt a good selling point when BW come to sell it, like they did with Colwich Lock Cottage.

We've had 3 cracking games of rugby today and last night, in which we were cheering for opposing sides for all 3 matches.  Scores after the first 6 nations weekend is Sue : 1,  Dave : 2, so its all to play for.

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Graham said, "what a lovely pair". Sorry Sue, don't shoot the messenger.