Friday, 18 February 2011

Welcome to Stone

What a surprise!  There's hardly any boats here in Stone.  Whenever we've passed through here it's always been chock-a-block, from Westbridge Park right up to Whitebridge.  The building you can see here is the hairdressers - called "lock keepers".  Nice.  We're here for at least a week, whilst Dave visits the dentist.  Hopefully his last appointment will be on Monday.   We've also visited the Vets - Nemo has lost his boy-ancy aids, and is walking rather slowly, but seems to be getting better.  I love Stone, its such a friendly town with great shops.  It'll be nice to do some daily shopping from local suppliers to stock up - especially as trolly dolly has given up the ghost and the wheels fell off after the last major shopping trip from Fradley.

 Only 4 boats including us at Westbridge Park.
 A Pair BW boat licence checker blokes walked past yesterday & turned around when they'd logged our boat index number.  Dave politely told them to keep walking towards Aston where there's a non licenced continuous moorer camped out there.  Reluctantly they sauntered off in that direction.
 Only two boats in the Star Lock pound - and one of them is a BW work boat which arrived yesterday.
However, there's always one - the cheeky so-and-so who moors on the 48 hour moorings, just within hose pipe length of the tap.  He's been there for 2 weeks that we know of - it's not as if there isn't any room on the 5 or 14 day moorings.

Wonderful sculpture of individually made tiles, made by children from Stone.
Better Photos here from Sonata Crew photostream on Flickr .  (Hope they dont mind)

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