Thursday, 3 February 2011

Bird Spotting at Tixall

We've now got the wide almost to ourselves, there's only one other boat here after NB Moore 2 Life left this morning, and No Problem left yesterday.  We had planned to move today as its such a lovely day for cruising but have put it off till tomorrow so we can admire the wildlife.  The canada geese were quietly honking first thing this morning, then the pheasants started.  We've had 4 goosanders, who unfortunately were seen off by a couple of swans.  While I was trying to get a photo of them with my not so sophisitcated digital camera, a crow was harrassing a buzzard in the tree just above them.  This is a rubbish photo, but it is of the goosanders - honest!

We've also seen what appeared to be a whimbrel (but could have been a curlew), a single lapwing, and a flock of fieldfares which usually indicates cold weather is on the way.  The bird book is open and the binoculars are poised, and we're waiting for this afternoon's selection of birds.  Dave has chopped some wood from our liveaboard props on the roof, so its sit back and relax...


Unknown said...

Don't know who looks more laid back?

Sue said...


Where and how did I miss seeing you? You MUST have passed me at some point!