Saturday, 12 February 2011

Rugby Weekend Number Two

We've got the pop and crisps, and looking forward to another Six Nations weekend.  Now - what's the difference between  an international rugby match and an international football match?  Answer:  Rugby players sing their national anthem!  We were going to watch the inaugural football match of the Nations Cup between Republic of Ireland Vs Wales, shown earlier this week, but only ONE welsh player managed to sing the national anthem & Ireland weren't that much better.  Whoever heard of a Welshman not singing when requested to do so?  So we said 'stuff you' and turned the telly off, they don't deserve our support!  As I write this, the England rugby team are in fine voice and kick off is imminent.  Time to pop the pringles and pull the tinnies.  C'mon you blues!

No photos this time, we're still near Sandon and I think you've seen enough pictures of canada geese in various weather.  Oh - news - a boat moored up just behind us a couple of nights ago, and had a barbeque!  The smell of sizzling sausages was lovely - though I think we'll wait till at least March before dusting down our old outdoor cooking facility.

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