Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Spring has sprung - for a day

We're sharing our mooring with over 200 canada geese, who fly in, in the morning and leave late afternoon.  It's lovely to have them around, with their comedy honking, though it does get a bit noisy when they're about to leave for the day.  They didn't seem to mind the waves, although I was afraid of getting sea sick.

Dave took a long hike into Stone on Sunday and met up with some friends for a pint or two, luckily he got a lift back to Sandon.  It's such a friendly town, where he has some long standing friends that he met when he first moored there back in 1992 - including Paul, the Best Man at our wedding.  Unfortunately his old haunt Rising Sun is now a block of flats - sorry - apartments.

We woke yesterday to a beautiful morning with a flat calm canal - worth taking a photo of!

As it was such a lovely day, we thought we'd take advantage of the break in the weather and took a run to Stone to do the 'necessary' and get some shopping.  We passed Aston Marina on the way, it was our first view of this new marina - they had just started digging out the last time we came past this way.  It looks very pleasant (as marinas go), and seems hig spec with the facilities on offer, including a Bistro     .  It has a separate entrance and exit, so its a one way system.  We may call in for a night to 'hook up' and so some laundry.  It has berths for 180 craft, but its not even half full.  Apparently the Phyllis May II is moored there, but we didn't see it (Terry & Monica Darlington's new boat after the fire on Phyllis May) 

We managed a swift pint in The Swan, before heading back to the peace of the countryside, to batten down the hatches and await the two days of rain forecasted - which (as yet) has not materialised & its another lovely day.

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