Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Rugs & Mice

Well it's happened, that thing we've both been dreading since we got Nemo the cat - yep - he's caught is first mouse - and he brought it in for us as well, bless him.  We did manage to catch it and put it outside, only for Nemo to escape out of his cat flap and catch it again.  Shoes on, torch out and relocated it abit further away.    Bits off one week, catching mice the next - he's not a kitten any more!

We're still moored just past Roger Fuller's yard - who incedentally, has a fascinating web site with details of historic narrowboats click here for historic boats.  There's no boats moored here at all!  BW has definitely had a crackdown around here.

I hope I've got time before we get back to finish one more rag rug.  Although I say it myself, I'm impressed with the last two i've done, though how anyone can hope to make a living at it is beyond me.  They sell for around the £50 mark, but take £150 worth of your time to do them!  I'll stick to doing it as a hobby.

This one was a christmas present for my friend Jeanette (hello you!)

This one is for the bathroom.  Very comfy under feet.

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