Sunday, 27 February 2011

The potteries

Not sure how many of these photos will come out as we can't get this blog to work properly on a mimimum signal, so my apologies if this is a duff blog!  The following are a few pics of our travels through the Potteries, some beautiful old buildings, and some not so.....

The old kilns above have been preserved in the middle of a new apartment development, sums up these photos of the old and the new...

Not a building, but had to take this photo - above, a bloke with a tatooed blue and red head and face, completely covered - I kid you not - complete with mobility scooter

Bill and Ben must have moved from Market Drayton - here they are at Etruria Junction

Some canalside old pottery buildings are still in use, with a large shop open to the public

We await our passage through the Harecastle Tunnel, after giving 48 hours notice of passage through, and we're booked in for Monday morning.  Dave

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