Friday, 25 February 2011

Cornish Pasty Triumph (Alternative Blog)

This blog should be titled "Stoke and The Potteries", and contain lots of photos of old kilns etc and of us travelling through the (ehem) delights of Stoke on Trent.  Unfortunately, its taking 18 minutes to download one photo, so I've abandoned that blog till I can psych myself up for it tommorow, so here's one I prepared earlier......

Cornish Pasties:  After a nine year campaign by pasty producers, the Cornish pasty has been given protected status by the European Commission. From mid March, only a pasty produced in Cornwall can be called a Cornish pasty. The dish could still be baked elsewhere, but has to be prepared in Cornwall. As a Cornishman, Dave was rejoicing at this news and feeling very smug about it. The smile soon dropped when I informed him that I therefore couldn’t make him any more Cornish pasties! Ha!
Dave salivating outside the pasty shop in Banbury a couple of years ago - who's pasties are shipped out frozen from Cornwall & cooked on the premises - so they'll be ok.

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