Friday, 22 January 2010

Water - lovely water

Thurs 21st: Made it - to the water point that is, at Snarestone the end of the Ashby Canal. Everything filled that needed to be filled, and everything emptied that needed to be emptied! Also got 2 containers of diesel, after a bloke in the pub asked if we needed anything ... well, yes actually .... Thanks Mick, very kind of you. We're going to try and get back to Stoke Golding, before it freezes over again! Friday 22nd: Didn't get very far, couldn't get past Shackerstone as the ice is still too thick. Rumour has it that a BW dredger had left Shackerstone bound for Market Bosworth/Stoke Golding, but there's no evidence of a "path" carved through the ice, dredger was here on the way up but he's not here now though, so it MUST be thinner & easier ahead. Ah well, we'll have another go tomorrow, well Dave will, I'm in Chirk for a few days visiting family.

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