Friday, 8 January 2010

Post Christmas

We did manage to catch up with a few people over christmas with a visit to Chirk marina and the golf club, also had a quick jaunt to the Aqueduct Inn. Great to see everyone - Happy New Year to all! Dave returned to the boat earlier than planned, as we were concerned about ice etc. We had hoped to come back to a de-frosted canal so we could move to a more convenient spot to get water etc, but no chance. Dave did try and move, but only got half way to bridge 57. I rejoined Dave on the 29th as we had to pick up Captain Cat from the cattery in Stoke Golding, so with trains and busses to SG, then a taxi to cattery we were soon all back on Beefur. Our only problem now was that Gosty Hill (the coal/diesel boat) woudnt be able to get to us as the ice was so thick and we were quickly running out of diesel. We spoke to Iain (Gosty Hill) who confirmed our fears - they were iced in at Sutton Cheney (9 miles further back), they were also way behind schedule as pushing through the frozen ice was taking an age. He did however say that he would try and deliver some diesel by van to Gopsall Wharf (Br58) if we could meet him there. We cracked ice for 3 hours and managed to move 1/2 mile to Br57 but came to a halt with no way through the 3" slab. Tried phoning Iain again to explain our predicament but he wasn't answering the phone - perhaps he'd been and gone - with no sigin of Beefur Boat had he turned around & gone back? Just then, through the mist, a rumbling and clattering noise - whats this? - Horah! A saviour with a wheelbarrow full of diesel! Iain knew we werent far away, and with the help of Ralph (nb Annabelle) the man with the van, delivered containers of diesel to us. What a kind thing to do! They really saved our bacon, its not just running the engine that requires diesel, we have a bubble diesel stove for the heating. We would have been really in the **** Our sincere thanks to them both!

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