Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Christmas in Chirk

After getting the cat to the cattery in Stoke Golding (booked in August & with no chance of getting any type of animal into a closer cattery for christmas with 2 days to go), we abandoned Beefur boat in the ice, leaving the heating on so as not to get frozen pipes, and headed to Nuneaton to catch the train to Chirk. No problem with the transport, trains on time, with only a couple of minutes between connecting trains. We had a wonderful time with Mum and Dad. Big fat goose for christmas dinner with all the trimmings and a fridge full of goodies. We didnt venture out very much as the ice was so thick and dangerous - Dave however volunteered to walk George the dog who was spending his christmas holidays in Chirk as Bethan, John & Nell had gone skiing for the week, joining up with Rachel, Bruno and the girls. We had a fall of snow while we were there, which made everything look lovely. Pics are of me, mum, dad & goose, mum resplendant in the home made scarf I knitted !! PS Dave was taking the photo!

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