Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Pre-christmas arrangements gone awry

Now I've started 'blogging' again, thought I'd kind of get things in date order. We moved from Market Bosworth on the Ashby Canal on about the 19th December 2009. We had it all planned .... Captain Cat was booked into the canal side cattery in Stoke Golding on the 23rd, we would then get the bus from Stoke Goldings to Nuneaton train station and be back in Chirk for christmas within a couple of hours. Beefur Boat would be left outside Ashby marina - jobs a good'un. We had a few days spare before heading back to SG to commence the chrismas festivities, so we decided to moor for a couple of days up the top end of the Ashby in our favourite mooring near Snarestone, in the middle of the countryside with no noise and hardly any walkers. However, things didnt exactly go according to plan. We did get to our favourite spot and miraculously there wasnt any boats moored there. Bliss. We woke up the next morning with the canal iced up (20th) and despite trying to plough through it, we had to abandon it after only 1/2 mile - the ice was 2" thick already, and even thicker the next day. So plans changed - Captain cat was transported to the cattery by taxi & we left beefur Boat out in the sticks & got the cross country bus to Nuneaton (more of that later) to get home for christmas.....

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