Sunday, 10 January 2010

Stuck Fast

Thanks for the emails and texts. We're doing OK - so far! We are iced in about a mile and a half out of Snarestone, and have been unable to move since 22nd Dec. We went to Chirk for christmas, so didn't have anything to worry about there! Dave is getting a container of water daily from the Globe pub, this involves strapping the container to trolly dolly & trundling up and down the towpath. Poor Dave, he has to visit the pub every day, what a trooper. The landlord is also kindly letting us use his elsan point (he has some caravans on his land). We've just put on a new gas bottle, so that (hopefully) should last 3+ weeks. As mentioned previously, we've been going into Atherstone on the cross country bus for supplies. The bus stop is 1 1/2 - 2 miles away but the bus driver kindly drops us off on the side of the road nearer the canal on the return journey, which means carting the shopping for only 1 mile. Our only concern now is diesel - again. We know Gosty Hill (coal/diesel boat) has been frozen in further down the canal, so we don't know how he's getting on with his route. Even if he is back on schedule, he won't be able to get to us by boat as the canal is just impassible, just hope he can deliver by van again. Water is extremely rationed. We just try and avoid doing anything that will bring on a sweat and walk around with our arms firmly by our sides. Just as well no one knows us up here. So thanks everyone for your concern, but we're not giving up yet .....

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