Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The pub is in sight!

Yesterday (19th) we managed to move. We waited till 1pm, then made a break for it. After 3 hours we had managed to move one mile into Snarestone, the ice here hadn't melted as much as it had further down, and was still 3" thick, and we came to an abrupt stop. That'll do - we can see the pub from here. Both Dave and I have sore backs from carting water on trolly dolly the 1 1/2 miles from the pub, so we're now much closer. Again, thanks to the Landlord of the Globe for letting us use his water tap and elsan point. Unfortunately my hands are swollen and bruised from smashing the ice sheets at the bank with a steel stake, as Dave drove Beefur forward ramming the ice. Captain cat is not impressed with this mooring. Dog **** everywhere, you really have to watch where you put your feet. Is it the same everywhere after the snow? Dog owners have just been burying their dog poo under the snow, and are now surprised that there's so much of it about ?

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