Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Desperate Times!

Sorry, computer has been playing up a bit due to new "improved" update (now wont work properly) so i'm a bit behind ... My sister Rachel kindly volunteered (the previous week) to deliver some diesel to us at the weekend as we are still rather stuck, as well as shopping and water! Wed 13th: After dipping the diesel tanks (back for engine & front for heating) our fears were confirmed - we only had a couple of days diesel left, good job Rachel was coming to the rescue. We syphoned some from the front into the back to even it out a bit, so that would keep us going. Thurs 14th: Walk, & 4 buses later into Kenilworth to Rachel's, time for me to have a long hot shower and catch up on her news. Fri 15th: Rachel's car breaks down. We needed a Plan B. Dave contacted Ashby Boat Co. who agreed they would deliver 2 cans of diesel to Br57 for a large fee. Sat 16th: Diesel delivered by wheelbarrow to boat. Rachel's car out of action till at least next wed but she managed to hire a car from B'ham Airport - no other cars available any nearer, so off she went by bus and train to pick it up. Sun 17th: Rachel transports me, load of spare fuel filters, new toilet cassette (just in case), container of water, also stops on the way for a tesco shop, container of diesel from Hinkley. Fantastic - that's us sorted for another week!

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