Sunday, 10 January 2010

Not Winter Cruising

It dawned on us a few days ago (after looking at the long term weather forecast) that this is the end of our winter cruising for this year. Our plans to go down the Oxford to Banbury area are now out of the question, we didn't get down there last winter so were looking forward to this winter round Napton etc etc. We had a lovely few months planned - ducking & diving the stoppages! We did take our time getting here tho (2 months). Judging from the thickness of ice up here at the top end of the Ashby, even if it starts thawing NOW, it'll still be a couple of weeks before the ice will be thin enough to plough through. Mind you, we couldn't have picked a more beautiful spot to be frozen in, and not that far away that we cant get water & empty the portaloo. Just worked it out - that's 20 days without a boat going past us, incredible. This compares to one day at random in September on our moorings on the Llangollen canal, we stopped counting at 86 boats and went to the pub. Never mind there's always next year. This, I feel, entitles me to post a few photos of previous cruises - of Dan the Dog on his holidays with us (sadly no longer with us), Beefur and Sans Souci (soon no longer to be with us)

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portable toilet guy said...

Your lifestyle sounds idyllic. Spare a thought for me in my dull office next time you pass one of our loos on the towpath.:)