Friday, 12 February 2010

Off the Ashby - finally

Beefur boat has finnaly been extracated from the ice of the Ashby Canal and we are on the move, 6 weeks later. I've rejoined Dave on the boat, as most of you know, dad died 2 weeks ago after a long illness and I've been at home with mum for the last few weeks while we all tried to come to terms with the loss of such a wonderful man. Thank you for all the visits, phone calls and cards in their hundreds. The messages contained therein have been very kind, helpful and supportive, thank you again.

We're currently moored near Brinklow where we've got a good tv picture for the weekend's rugby and winter olympics, so won't be moving for a couple of days. Came through Sutton Stop today - we've never seen so many boats moored up there. I think they've all got the same idea - don't move far from facilities, so as not to be caught out again & frozen in for weeks in the middle of nowhere - like we were! Very disappointed in the state of the place - especially the rubbish/recycling area. Rubbish stuffed into all the recyling bins, with the rubbish skips empty. Very fustrating when you've been carefully storing your recycling (not easy on a boat), ready to be disposed of responsibly. BW are trying - why can't us boaters try a bit harder. That's today's moan over, more tomorrow!

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