Friday, 19 February 2010

A Little Detour

Moved from Barby Hill after getting a top up of diesel from Gosty Hill, that'll be the last time we see Iain and Alison till the end of the year (thanks again for getting us out of the mire in Snarestone!) We planned to get to Napton, but with the snow falling and temperatures dropping, Dave decided he'd had enough of looking like a snowman and we stopped in Braunston, with a lovely view of the church. Today - what a lovely day for cruising, so nice infact that Dave decided to travel most of the way on tick-over - what's the rush - we have all day! Tonight we are sampling the "under new management" Folly at Napton, a slight detour we know, but we'll turn here at the bottom of the locks and head on up the Grand Union. As the weather is due to get alot colder over the next few nights, we thought (this time) we'd get frozen in nearer civilisation, and a water tap! Dave always gets nostalgic when we come past Bridge 112 between Wigrams Turn and The Folly, its site of the old Peter Nicholls boat building yard, now derelict, where Sans Souci was built. As for The Folly - its nice, but just not the same now (dotty) Lotty isnt here and the huge fireplace now has a wood burner instead of the open fire. However I am using their wi-fi connection as we've been unable to get a signal at all over the last week, so it can't be all that bad!

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Unknown said...

Hi Dave and Sue,
Glad to hear you will be coming up the GU as we're on our way down, presently at the Cape of good dope.
Looking forward to a re-union as we thought we had missed you this year.
Hopefully somewhere where we can have a snifter.