Monday, 22 February 2010

Long Itchington

We've braved the weather - although it's not as bad as we thought it was going to be - and are now in Long Itchington, where we'll stay for a few days (rain on the way). We had a late start, due to Captain Cat bringing us a present at 4am - a rather fat & feisty mouse. Dave managed to catch it & put it in a container to take outside, but stumbled & mr mouse promptly jumped out of the container and ran behind the fridge. Unfortunately the fridge wouldn’t budge, so went back to bed so as to start dismantling the kitchen in the daylight. Now there's not much room on a boat as you know, so removing the fridge isnt that easy. After struggling for an hour the fridge was free - and so was the mouse - no where to be found. Another hour later, after gingerly moving all furniture round the living room - mr mouse shot out from under the setee with me shouting "there it is, get it get it", not much use to Dave who had his back to me (and the mouse). I missed it, so the search started again. Eventually cornered the mouse, after he tried to make a break for it through the bathroom, and put it outside. At least this mouse didn’t run up Dave's trouser leg, like the last one Captain brought in! Dave was holding up the washing machine at the time to try & look underneath it, so couldn’t do much about it, thankfully it only got to his knee .... but that’s another story.

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Unknown said...

Hi Guys, we'll be with you tomorrow.
Jill and Graham