Friday, 25 November 2011

Winding on the Thames

We had plenty of room to moor opposite the old Jericho boat yard.  Lots of boats moored further up, but none here, just us and Matilda Rose

The Jericho boat yard is still fenced off and shows no signs of any development, due to the disputes regarding the attempts to build a four storey block of flats on the ex BW land.  St Banabus' church dominates the view here - and it's bells toll out every quarter of an hour between 8am and 11pm. 

As Beefur is over 52ft (57ft), the only way we can turn around is to wind on the Thames.  Since we were here last, there's a pontoon been put in just below the lock, and large instruction boards telling you the direction in which you need to wind, which seems to be rather illogical and the wrong way round.  Not wanting to go against any instructions - we winded the way which had been set out in a large diagram at the lock, not the way which seemed to be the safest!  No current so no problem.

Job done.  Off we go again, heading slowly back North. 

The locks down here are much easier to operate:  one bottom gate instead of two, so no jumping accross open gates.  Mind you, the gates are a heavier, but you can't have it all ......

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