Thursday, 17 November 2011

Best Cat Mooring

We moored at the disused quarry near Kirtlington.  This has to be the best cat mooring we've come across.  Nemo loved it.  He kept disappearing for hours at a time, before checking in again.  He was running around all over the place.  He doesn't usually go out during daylight hours, but as soon as he heard the fenders dropping as we were tying up, he was out - and stayed out.  He's absolutely shattered today though!

Off the short section of the River Cherwell back onto the Canal at Shipton Weir lock. 
As we were approaching the lock, a bloke in a little fibreglass boat slurred  shouted accross to Dave as we passed "Scuse me mate, but there's been a woman following me since I left Oxford, she is, she's following me, honest"  "You should be so lucky was the reply from Dave", and carried on.  I must add here, that this little fibreglass came up & out of Shipton Weir Lock & turned right - the wrong way down the navigation & turned round when he saw us coming.  He then came towards us, we moved to the right, so did he, we moved further over, so did he.  We were now on a collision course - not a problem for us with 20 tons of steel, but it might have been a problem for him.  I gave him a few hand gestures & he eventually moved over.  Needless to say - there was no sign of a woman stalker.
Charming lift bridge

Jolly Boatman and Muddy Waters from Oxfordshire Narrowboats, moored at Thrupp.

Whilst we were a Lower Heyford, I took the opportunity to meet up with Mum at Rachel's house & celebrate my forty-something birthday.  Lovely food HUGE leg of lamb, and Rach had even make a chocolate birthday cake.  Thanks for a lovely weekend.
L-R Nia, Mum, Rhiannon, Rachel & Iona

Rachel & Mum in the kitchen - keep at it - you know you love it!

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