Saturday, 19 November 2011


I could bore you with lots of photos of Oxford.  So I will.....

End of the Oxford Canal

Beautiful buildings - and bikes everywhere

Woah!  Like I said... bikes everywhere

Did the sight seeing bit, interdispersed with sightings listed in the Good Beer Guide.  Dave's got a smart phone, with an "app" from CAMRA that locates your position, then tells you how far, and in which direction the nearest CAMRA pub is located.  It even shouts directions at you whilst walking along.  "Turn right into Beaumont Street."  "I said right".  This technology is too advanced for us!  However, once Dave was on the scent of a pub, it couldn't keep up with our location - so we bought a street map.  Bit less embarrassing than standing on a street corner staring into your phone, walking in one direction, then walking back the way you came, to ensure that the "device" knows exactly where you are & which way you're going.  We even found a West Cornwall Pasty Shop.  Beer AND (proper job) pasties - you'll never get him from here....

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Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Congratulations on finding somewhere to moor in Oxford. Good pub was always the Bookbinders in Jericho.