Thursday, 3 November 2011

Long Itchington & wide beams

We hung around Long Itchington for a couple of days but had to move on in order to get to the top of Napton by the 7th November due to stoppages.  We stopped at the Blue Lias for water & Dave was approached by a couple who's shiny new boat was moored just off the water point, (we knew the boat was new due to the cellophane still on the brass mushrooms).  "Is this where you get water then?".  Yes, Dave replied.  "But how do you open the box?" they continued.  "With a BW key".  "What's that then?"  Dave explained what the key was for, and that they would find the key on their key ring, which they retreived to examine.  Dave then had to explain how to look out for water points (buy a guide book).  They listened intently and thanked Dave for his trouble.  No idea how long they had been without water.   Well, that's another well researched start to life afloat then!!!!

Up the Stockton flight alone - Matilda Rose had departed a couple of days earlier to Braunston.  We're meeting up again at Napton in a couple of days time.

Hello swan-ee

The two planks Oak and Ash hotel boats moored up at Birdingbury wharf, season over.

Some unusual boats around, we're in wide beam country now ......

How 'bout one of these on the Llangollen !!

More wide beams - BW this time

One way of walking 3 dogs at a time - let them pull you along.

Right turn onto the Oxford Canal, and into Napton, with the windmill visible for miles around.  (Sorry about the quality of photos, I'm still using my phone for photos, and hoping Father Christmas will deliver a new digital camera.)

Loads of photos today, as we're taking advantage of the Folly's free Wi-Fi.  The Folly is 'under new management' and is 10 times better than the last time we were here - but still not the same without (Dotty) Lottie.

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