Thursday, 24 November 2011

Oxford - Part 2 (Better late than never)

We haven't had a mobile signal for the last few days, so have been unable to upload the rest of the photos from Oxford until now.  We've had to find a pub with wi-fi, dirty job, but someone's got to do it, so we're back in Lower Heyford after spending a lovely few days out in the country, and revisited Nemo's favourite mooring at the quarry at Kirtlington.

Now, where's this pub Graham told us about.... down an alley way under the Bridge of Sighs.  Ah ha!  Brewery delivery van is a bit of a clue, down this alley way...

Then this one.....

At the end, was The Turf Tavern.  Very nice pub, but very busy.

We didn't want to overstay our 48 hour mooring, though any restrictions didnt seem to bother the other boats moored on the 24 hour moorings.  Same boats there when we left, as when we arrived, despite BW person taking their numbers when we passed on our way into the centre.  Probably still there now.

The lift bridges on the bottom bit of the Oxford (the ones around the "Agenda 21" moorings) have now been fitted with a locking mechanism, operated with a BW key.  I remember reading something about it on the e-mailed BW stoppage alerts, but didn't take any notice.  Anyway, we arrived at the first one, I jumped off, indicating to Dave in sign language that there wasn't a chain to pull (and so lift the bridge).  I then proceeded to climb the fence to get a grip onto the balance beam to put some weight on it and lift the bridge.  I failed miserably.  In sign language, I indicated to Dave that the bridge was b*******d, and that he'd have to come and do it himself, and started to walk back to the boat, whereupon I saw the instructions on how to operate the new locking mechanism.  Duh.  Back to boat, get key & do it properly!

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