Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wonderful Winter Cruising Weather

After a week's cruising we had got to Wrenbury.  Not very far I know, but we do have to meet up with people on the way - as luck would have it, in real ale pubs!  Dave had a catch up with Ian at The Jack Mytton Inn a.k.a. Mad Jacks, he and wife Wendy have decided to retire, so we may not be seeing them again as the pub, restaurant and detatched house are all up for sale.  So, if you've got a spare £720,000 CLICK HERE FOR SALE DETAILS.  Next stop was the White Hart at Ellesmere where we caught up with Hazel & Mike (NB Tess of Wootton).  We then met up with Buffy at Grindley Brook, who happens to be having an open weekend on the 7th & 8th Dec, where you can see - and buy if you like - all her wonderful batik work CLICK TO HAVE A LOOK AT HER WEBSITE.  In all of this, we managed not to take any photos of anyone - just the pub dog squeezing his way into one of the pub comfy chairs....

 Then it was on to Wrenbury where it was convenient for me to catch a train back to Mum's in Chirk to return to work for the last weekend.  I left Dave to his own devices for a few days, where he reacquainted himself at THE BHURTPORE INN just outside of Wrenbury.The weather has been great - although according to the forecast, it is set to change.

Lots of very good real ale to choose from...

...with curry a speciality. If they served Bathams, I think we'd have to move here!

I returned so I could work my last weekend in the Information Centre for the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct at Trevor Basin, and pack up there, as the Info Centre is now closed until the end of March next year.  I must say I've really enjoyed working there (as I always do!).  We've had over 30,000 people through the door this season, and around 270,000 visitors to the Aqueduct itself.  I wish I had a pound for every time I've had to say "Pontcysyllte"  (Pont-ker-suhl-tay - without doing the double L thing).  I just hope I'll be successful when applying for the position next year.

The volunteers and myself recently went on an end of season "do" with JONES THE BOATS, where we had a wonderful meal on board NB Tommy, with a cruise to Chirk tunnel and back.  I must say the food was excellent, and all home made.  So if you want to do something a bit different - book a Christmas meal with him.

I must say thank you to the Volunteers who made Trevor Basin Info Centre such a great place to work this season, and thanks for the lovely leaving present plant.  Also thank you Gwyneth for carting all that wool for me to start another project! 

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