Tuesday, 24 December 2013

An early start to get to Birmingham

We were up and out very early for us, in order to get to Birmingham while the weather was good.  Although we still ended up arriving in the dark!  I'm a few days behind with the blog, so I'll let the pictures tell the story......
Early morning mist between Brewood and Wolverhampton 

Through Wolverhampton locks

Lady walking her dog AND CAT!  I wish Nemo was as brave!

landslip at Coseley Tunnel

and a brand new nursing home at the exit of Coseley tunnel
(it wasn't there the last time we came this way!)
It was getting dark with 4 miles to go, but the prospect of Dave having a pint in The Prince of Wales was far more appealing than stopping on the Main Line in the middle of Bandit country.  We managed to avoid the "islands" (relics of toll booths) - all bar one, which we took a swipe broadside.  Dave forgot there was one more, he thought he's accounted for them all.  No damage done, as he saw it last minute, so it was full reverse "DON'T PANIC!"  So we had a lovely few days in Brum, which allowed me to get back to Chirk and pick up my new Visa card, which had been cancelled by the bank, due to it being cloned (see previous blog). 

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