Saturday, 16 March 2013

Woodseaves, Tyrley and Mandarin Ducks

There has been  an awful lot of work going on at Woodseaves by the look of it.  Loads of vegitation and trees have been cleared from the cutting during the stoppage here during November and December.  At least the sun has come out.  We sure have had a mixed bag of weather this week, from snow blizzards to sunshine - within the space of a few hours some times.

The cutting sure looks different now.....
compared to how it was in September.

Hardly any water coming down the bywashes at Tyrley

another couple of comparison photos from last September - this is the same by wash
Someone's got a sense of humour, unlike Dave - having to clean out another elsan point...
this one at Market Drayton on our way through.  It's a recurring theme now.
There sure are some dirty boaters out there!  Is it any wonder CRT are closing down facilities, when people abuse them.  Blimey, you wouldn't leave your own bathroom in the state that some boaters leave the elsan points.

And so to bird of the day, well two of them actually...

Shame they're both males!

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