Friday, 22 March 2013

Dave's summer season starts with 8ins of snow!

We're back in our mooring in Froncysyllte (aka The Fron).  We usually bring the swallows back with us after our winter travels - but not this year!

Today was Dave's first day back in work for the summer season at Chirk Marina.....
This was the scene at 8am this morning .... almost 8" of snow had fallen overnight.
Dave did get into work, by hitching a lift by boat, but as there was no power in Chirk Marina, he was back home within a couple of hours, as he couldn't do anything there.

I had made a rather large Tesco order - which was supposed to be delivered this morning, needless to say, it was cancelled. Not rescheduled or postponed in any way. Just cancelled, so I'll just have to start the whole process again. I didn't have a mobile signal on the boat this morning on either Orange or Vodafone, untill around 11am when the phone went nuts with loads of messages and missed calls coming in, one of which was from Tesco. Vodafone signal is coming and going, mainly going, but Orange seems to be working now.

Using the BBQ seems a very long way off.

Our garden bench

I think Dave was a bit premature in setting out our garden table!
looking down on Dai's boat
Scene from the front of Beefur

As we were out and about this morning, a couple of boaters appeared on the towpath opposite, and said there were a couple of trees down just behind our moorings, so Rick & Hazel pushed their boat accross, with Dave riding shotgun, and managed to chainsaw the tree so the canal was now passable with care.  I'm sure there'll be alot of trees down today.
I will return to our trip up the Llangollen back to our mooring on a future blog - including the story of the bloke with an attitude problem who made us move away from where we had moored opposite his house - but that's another story!

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