Monday, 11 March 2013

Caldon Canal - Part Two

More pics from the Caldon Canal
Statue of James Brindley at Etruria, the start of the Caldon Canal. 
I think I've found my ideal house - canal side, with views, 1/2 a mile from the road, totally detached, with a great outdoor area, and the compulsary outdoor cooking facility.
Stone buttresses holding up a wall - I wonder how long they've been there.

There's some lovely stone sculptures at the Stocton Brook locks, which look familiar....
unfortunately some Oik has daubed paint over this one...

.... and broken the pottery ware encased in this one.

Ah, I thought they were familiar - it's the same artist (Anthony Lysycia) who installed the sculputres around Trevor Basin and Froncysyllte

This is a photo of one situated at Trevor basin.

Beautiful old water works at Stocton Brook Locks, sadly falling into disrepair.

As you can see from the photos, the weather improved dramatically over the space of a few days.  We were breaking ice on the way up, wondering if we'd be frozen in. But on the way back, wow what a difference, we were in short sleeves.  We even saw an oasis!

This is a photo for Mike and Hazel - Bala - alive and well near Cheddleton.
This is Bridge 53, Cherry eye bridge, near Froghall.  Rather unusual shape.
The very low Froghall Tunnel - which we were too high to go through.  There is a gauge on Flint Mill lock before you reach here, which confirmed our suspicions about the height, and shall we or shan't we try it!  We moored up and had a walk to Froghall basin.....

Loads of room to moor in the basin due to the restriction on the height of the boats coming through.
Once more - my favourite pic of the trip so far. 
I know I've posted it before, but so what - It's a great pic.
That's it for the Caldon Canal.  It's somewhere we'll definately return to, soon, and we'll make sure we have time to go up to Leek, rather than the quick sprint this time which didn't do it justice. 
Maybe next winter.

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