Sunday, 4 March 2012

Welcome to Stone

We love coming to Stone, its a very welcoming place with the added bonus that we have friends here (yes we do have one or two). 

We've already caught up with Paul our Best Man, and are looking forward to meeting up with the rest of the gang from the old Rising Sun pub later today at an as yet undisclosed location.  The Rising Sun was demolished a few years ago, to make way for a block of flats - sorry - waterside apartments, and their "new" venue, The Lamb, closed its doors (temporarily) last week.

There are lovely sculptures around the town, this one at Westbridge Park is a collection of individually made tiles. 

They've been here a couple of years now, and remain unblemished by vandals. 
Well done and thank you.

Bit of a difference in the weather today, compared to yesterday.  Here's a pic of part of the "Stone in Bloom" team hard at work in the rain, planting more flowers at Westbridge Park today.

Fundraising pin badge being sold from the Stone in Bloom stall at the farmers market yesterday.

Dave went back to Chirk Marina for a day yesterday, as they were holding an open day, in association with Wales Tourism Week - which was very successful, with a marquee, nibbles, and a fiddle-ee-aye diddley-aye band playing.  Unfortunately for him, it left me alone in the monthly Farmer's Market.  I must say it was fabulous.  There were stalls all the way up High Street, with thousands of people milling about.  So I've blown the shopping budget on essentials such as buffalo steaks, game pie, stuffed olives and speciality pate.  Ah well, it'll be back to Aldi next week.

I didn't post on the 1st March, so belatedley:  Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus - Happy St David's Day

I trawled round Stone looking for daffodils, but the only ones I could find were the last delapidated bunch in the bottom of a box in the co-op.  There's obviously a secret society of Welsh people here in Stone who bought up all the daffs.  I felt ashamed posting a photo of them (the daffs, not the secret society of Welsh people) so this is a pic from last year's more aesthetically pleasing bunch. 


Jeanius said...

Hi Sue, where are you at the moment, just in case we can meet up with you.

Jean and Lawson

Sue Hunter said...

Hi Jean. We've left Stone, and are at Great Haywood, on our way back home for Dave to start work on the 24th.