Thursday, 22 March 2012

Heading up the Shroppie

A few days behind with the blog due to rubbish mobile internet signal, but I get to go through our journey again, which is nice.....
This should have been an atmospheric picture of a heron outlined in the bridge hole on a misty morning.  However, the heron ducked down to give himself lift to take off, and it now looks like a stone. Ah well. 

We found the tree cutters near Gnosall, coincidentally, Gnosall was stuffed full of boats, no wonder we'd hardly seen any on the way up.  It would appear that the tree cutters are being followed.

High Bridge, carrying a short telegraph pole

Top of Audlem; the bank has been dredged and edged

and all the muck which was removed, has been put in the adjacent field.

Quite a bit of water coming dow, it does get a whole lot worse after any rain!

Volunteers wanted to take part in a study conducted by a volunteer, into the contribution given by volunteers. Who's going to volunteer to monitor the volunteer, monitoring volunteers?  There's probably a department set up for that.

There's a wonderful art exhibition at the moment in Audlem Mill [click] which runs until the 14th April.  It's worth a visit if you're passing that way. 

I forgot to mention the farm at the top of Adderley Locks.  Really good farm shop, with excellent meat.  We dropped lucky, as the farmer's wife was due to go to a farmer's market the following day, so there was all sorts of cuts of meat, all free range, and their own animals.  I had a lovely huge chicken for only £7, cheap (excuse the pun) when I spent £6 in Morrisons on a large chicken that wasn't even free range.   

We continued our journey up the Shroppie as we decided that there was time for one last jolly before having to come home - we wanted to try The Badger at Church Minshall, as it had recently re-opened after 5/6 years of being closed - more of that later. 
I'm afraid there's bad news regarding the wonderful, peaceful, quiet moorings at Coole Pilate - they've built a clay pigeon shoot in the field opposite.  No - I'm not kidding.  The noise was horendous.

Wherever we go near a motorway - anywhere around the country - we always see a McCarthy Haulage truck from Wrexham.  Some people are Eddie Stobart spotters, some people aren't.

This eerie thing was floating from the tiller in the breeze.  Spooky.

And so on to Church Minshall and The Badger [click]  It was well worth the detour.  Excellent food and of course - real ale.  Go there if you can - you won't be disappointed.

View from the boat, looking down on Church Minshall.

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