Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Elinor's 21st Birthday Party Pics

Not at all related to boating, but here's some more pics of Nel's 21st party bash.  No apologies for this, but normal service will be resumed tomorrow .....

Bethan and Party Girl Nel 
Me (that's John's bum in case you were wondering)

Anne & Bethan

Bethan & Rob

L-R: Mum, Bethan, Rachel, Iona, Nel, Me, Nia


Iona and Nia

Mum - you were caught on camera - down in the den drinking shots with da yoof (I wondered where she'd disappeared to)

Yeah - butter wouldn't melt ...
Rhiannon, Nia & Iona

Rachel & Jill 

Rhiannon & Me showing the evidence of washing up with the stains on my blouse!

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