Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Week of Birthdays

Happy birthday to Carole and to Dave, but the best birthday belongs to Nel (my niece Elinor), who becomes 21 tomorrow (Monday).  To celebrate we had a party on Saturday night, hence the need for a rail station to get back and to to Chirk.
The birthday girl, looking fantastic in red.  Mum Bethan looking on, proudly...

Mum, Rhiannon and Rachel

Nia and Iona, neither of whom would look at the camera!

Great party fridge - full of champagne and giant pizzas!

Happy birthday cake.

Back on the boat just in time for the third rugby match of the weekend, will try and stay awake long enough to watch it.  I'm definitely out of practice with the partying!

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Unknown said...

You really are turning into quite the party girl these days! Your life is just one big social whirl